To add a glog to a portfolio follow these directions, noting that this will lock the glog from further editing, making it 'Read only' until removed from the portfolio:

  • Firstly the glog must have been saved as 'Finished' not 'Unfinished' by the student or by you accessing his/her account and saving it as finished.
  • Next, on the 'Students' tab in your account, locate the student whose glog that you wish to add to a portfolio.
  • Click on the NAME of the student (NOT on the 'Access student's account' link).
  • You will find yourself on the Student's profile page. Click on the glog (or name of the glog) that you wish to add to a portfolio.
  • On the right side beneath the glog you will find a link 'Add to student's portfolio' (see below, the fourth link). click this link and the glog will be added and will then be set to 'Read Only' (See below).