As an educator using Glogster the recommended steps for account set up are as follows:

1) Create and save your first glog using the large green 'Create New Glog' button at the top of your account dashboard:

This will give you a quick look at our Glog Editor and once you have saved a glog, even one of the starting templates, you can use that as a Project Template to assign to your students in the next steps.

2) Add students to your account, or let them register their own accounts.

How to add students

If you are a teacher in a District, School or Faculty license see our Guide for adding students in the School license

3) Create a class group and populate it with students.

Creating a class

4) Assign a project to the class. This is where the glog or glog template that you saved in step 1 will come in useful.

How to create a project

That's it as far as setting up the account goes! Now you can get on with the fun of creating Glogs and Projects with your students.

You can keep up to date with your students' progress on the Project and Class pages in your account.

If you require any help reach out to our Support Team through the 'Help' tab at the bottom right of your account dashboard or by email: