In the school license there are two methods for adding students:

1) Document Import - Guide to adding students by CSV import.

This must be done from the SchoolAdmin* account and enables you to import your students directly into the school license. The students will then be available to every teacher in the school to work with by adding to their classes and assigning projects to them.

*If you are a teacher please ask the administrator of your license to import the students, or use method 2, below.


2) Students Register their own accounts

Provide your students with your School/Educator code as shown on your Glogster account dashboard and they register their own accounts on the Student registration page. The student registration page is also accessible via the Glogster Homepage > 'Get Started' button > Student. (You will not be able to access the registration page whilst still logged in to your account).

For further help contact our team through through the 'Help' tab at the bottom right of your account dashboard or by email: