For any image added to your glog from an online source or through the inbuilt Google image search the source URL is automatically added to the glog and accessible through the paper clip icon at the top right of the glog after saving. In addition to this the we have now teamed up with EasyBib:

Create Perfect Citations with Glogster and EasyBib


We all know that the internet is a powerful tool for discovering and sharing knowledge, and that as users of that tool, we have a duty to give appropriate credit to the creators of websites, articles, images, videos and other digital sources used in glogs, projects and essays. But did you know that creating proper and professional citations need only take a few minutes?

Glogster have teamed up with  EasyBib to create a free one-stop resource for citing online and digital media. Comprising of the e-book, A Visual Guide to Citing Online & Digital Sources in MLA 7, and a printable handout for learners, this packet provides easy-to-follow examples of citations for everything from e-books and scholarly articles to tweets and youtube videos!

Why not download the free resource packet now, and encourage students to practice their new bibliographical skills by adding citations to their glogs? Meanwhile, check out the glog below to learn more about EasyBib, and how they can build your bibliography in a few easy steps: