To create a class:

Click on the “Create class” button on the 'Classes' tab on your account dashboard. Fill in your class name, and other descriptive information, and then save your settings. You will now see the Class Screen where you can assign students to the class, create Glog projects, and message your students. 

To assign students to a class:

Click on the 'Classes' tab on your account dashboard > click on the class name > on the lower right of the class page click on the pink “Add students” button. You will see two list. All students in the class are shown on the right. Students available to add to the class are shown on the left. 
Click on the small “Assign” arrow to move students from the available list to the class. Once you have selected all the students you want in the class, click on the “Assign classmates” button. On the class page you may assign students to your classes or remove them at any time (using the 'unassign' link).

What will students see when they are assigned to a class?

The students' dashboard will show the classes that they are in and the projects that you have assigned to them. When students click on the class name, they will see the class page with the class description, class projects, classmates, class glogs, and class messages. 

Students will not see other students’ projects/glogs until the glogs are saved with the status “Finished.” The "Unfinished" save status allows the students’ glogs to be hidden from classmates until a project is complete.

Glogster Video Tutorial:

If you need further help please contact us through the 'Help' tab at the bottom right of your account dashboard or by email: