Reintroducing the Attachment Feature


We’re pleased to announce that as of today, the attachments feature has returned to the glog editor after a period of improvements and bug-fixing. This will allow users to add files to their glogs, supplying further information alongside their multimedia content. Users will also be pleased to know that all previously-saved attachments have been restored to your glogs and are now viewable as normal.


For a limited time, the attachments function will be available as a feature of all our licenses, including the limited free version of Glogster, allowing all of our users to try it out before it becomes a paid license-only feature.

To use the attachments feature, simply click on the paperclip icon in the upper-right-hand corner of your glog in edit mode, then upload files from your hard drive. Likewise, the files will be accessible in view mode by clicking the paperclip icon.

The attachments feature is a great way to support your glog with background information, such as an accompanying essay to a presentation, original data for scientific or statistical reports, and bibliographies for research projects. With attachments, you can truly share an entire project on a single page, no matter how complex the contents!

On the subject of attaching bibliographies, this is an ideal opportunity to check out the resource we co-created with EasyBib, with easy-to-follow guidelines for citing online sources. Why not create a document with correct citations for all the media in your glog, then add it as an attachment to the finished piece?

We hope that you enjoy experimenting with attachments once again!