This article refers to users of individual teacher's accounts (Trial, Elementary and Secondary licenses). For users in Faculty, School & District licenses refer to our solution for 'Adding students in a school license'.

To add students, click on the 'Students' tab in your account and the 'Add new students' button:

You will see 3 options:

Option A is to import students using a spreadsheet document in CSV format. For more info about this and instructions see our article 'Importing students by CSV file'.

Option B instructs Glogster to create students' accounts for you according to the number that you insert into the box, the students' log in details will be sent to your email address and your Glogster messages, on the right side of your account dashboard. Please note that this method creates randomly generated log in details which may be difficult for students to remember.

Option C is the method for students to register their own accounts. Students register on the 'Student registration page'* using the Educator Code from your account. Your Educator code can be found at the top right of your account dashboard:

*Please note that you cannot access this page whilst still logged in to your Glogster account.