In MS Excel, or similar spreadsheet program, create a document with five columns:

Column A: *Username - Username can contain only letters and numbers and must be a minimum of 5 characters).

Column B: First Name 

Column C: Last Name

Column D: Grade - The grade column must be present but can be left empty of data if you prefer.

Column E: Password - Passwords must be a minimum of 5 characters and can now be any keyboard character apart from spaces. (Periods, hyphens, apostrophes, etc. are permitted).

- The column headers are not required and should NOT be included.

- Although all columns are required some can be left empty of data: Column D, for example must be present but can be left empty. Columns A & E are required. Columns B & C help teachers identify students but can be left empty if preferred.

Sample student **data ready for import:

**(The above data is purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is coincidental).

After inserting the information, go to: File > Save as, and save the file as 'CSV (comma delimited)'. 

Log into your teacher/school account, click on the Students tab, then on 'Add students', choose the 'Import' option and follow the instructions. Note that if you are a teacher in a school license students can only be imported from the overseeing SchoolAdmin account.


*If during upload you receive an error message saying the username already existsit means that exact username is already in use. Please change the username by adding a letter(s) or number(s) to make it unique among all Glogster users, not just in your particular school or class, and then re-import the file. If you need further help reach out to ensuring that you include the actual file that you are trying to upload.