Calling all Android Users!


After celebrating our acclaimed iPad app’s first birthday, we turned our attention to developing and improving our application for the other half of the world’s mobile users – Glogster for Android! While our streamlined Glogpedia viewer has been available to download and enjoy from the Google Play store for several months, we can now proudly say that the app is updated to include full editing functionality. Alongside our apps for iPad and iPhone, the Android application will ensure that you are never without the chance to capture a moment, create a poster, and share it with family and friends!


The editing functionalities are built from the ground up with Android in mind, mirroring the powerful functionality of the iOS app. With educational and personal users now able to engage with interactive multimedia via iOS and Android devices, the way is thoroughly paved for whole new levels of creative collaboration and glogging on the go! Our team of beta testers certainly enjoyed exploring the intuitive application, and are confident that this new addition to the Glogster family is here to stay.

Glogster for Android tablets is now available to download as a free Beta version, with the option to purchase a Glogster license in-app to be added later this year. Check it out now and expand your multimedia world with posters, mementoes, invites and more. We are eagerly awaiting your first impressions – with feedback from the worldwide community of Glogster users, the application will continue to grow and improve as a mobile sharing experience.

Written by Alicia Lewis

Written by Alicia Lewis