When logged in to your SchoolAdmin account dashboard, and having selected the 'Teacher' link on the left, you will find a green button 'Add teacher' at the top right:

The Invite option can be used for a teacher who has an existing Glogster account. You can invite them by their by Glogster nickname or email address. Once the invitation has been sent the teacher must log in to their account and accept the invitation on their account dashboard. This will complete the process of bringing the teacher into the school license, and they will then appear in the teachers' list on the SchoolAdmin account dashboard.

The 'Create' option is to be used when a teacher does not have an existing Glogster account. In the pop-up box, insert the requested details and click 'Create'. The teacher will appear on your dashboard and the log in details that you inserted (nickname and password) will be sent to the teacher's email address.

The final option, 'Import', is also used to create new teacher accounts, with the same information required, but can be used to create multiple teachers' accounts at the same time. The columns that are required for the import are shown after clicking the 'Import teacher(s)' link. (The column headers are not required).

If you need further help please email your completed .CSV file, along with the log in nickname for the SchoolAdmin account to customercare@glogster.com.