When you used the 'I forgot my password' link did you see the message shown below?

If you did, but you did not receive the email, it is either going to spam or being entirely blocked by your email provider.

To enable access please send an email, from the email address that your account is registered under, with the subject 'lost password', providing also your log in nickname, to customercare@glogster.com.

Please also ask your email provider to permit emails from the domain '@glogster.com' so that the lost password link will work for you in the future.

If you are the user of a student's account, please ask your teacher to reset your password or to contact us for assistance, as we are not permitted to reset log in details for students' accounts as we have no way to verify that the account belongs to you if no email address was provided during registration.
If you have connected your account to your Google account to enable Google log in then you can access your Glogster account using your Google log in details, or send an email to customercare@glogster.com from the email address that is connected to your account.