To register for a Glogster account as a student you will need an Educator or School code. An Educator or School code, is a unique code linking your account to your teacher or school's Glogster account. If the code is not known please contact your class teacher or school administrator.

Once you have the code go to the Glogster homepage:

Click on the green 'Get Started' button > Select 'Student' > Insert the School/Educator code provided by your teacher or school > Create a new Username and Password and click 'Create my account'. 

Be sure to remember your username and password. You will need it any time you want to access your account.

If you see the message 'Username already taken' it means that someone has already registered that username and you will need to enter a different one to register successfully.

Usernames can be letters and numbers only, with at least one letter. 

Passwords can also include special characters (such as the & or @ symbols) but must be a minimum of 5 characters.

Guide to registering a student's account

Details about Educator or School codes