Click on the “Create new projects” button on your Dashboard or Class Screen (from your Class Screen, click on “Class projects” and then “Create new project”). Create and/or select a template glog for the project, give the project a name, description, and tag, and assign the project to a specific class.

The template will allow you to provide guidance and suggested content for your students’ projects. You may also choose to default one of the standard glog templates.
You can send a message to your students about the project with further instructions, due dates, and other important information.
Finally, click on the “Save project” button. You will now see the project you just created and the students/classes that have been assigned to the project. This is also where Glogs will be displayed for you to review, comment on, and grade.

For detailed instructions see our:

Set up Guides for Teachers in Individual licenses

Quick Guide for Students

The following video may also be helpful:

Managing Classes and Projects in a Glogster Educator's account.