When students' accounts are created using the system generated accounts the log in details are sent to the email address your account is registered with and your Glogster messages, on the right side of your account dashboard, in the message 'Glogster Edu new sub-accounts'. You can copy those and paste into another doc that enables printing or just print the email of course.

If the accounts were created using a CSV upload then the log in details would be according to the document uploaded.

If the accounts were created/registered by the students themselves the passwords will be whatever the students selected during registration.

If the nicknames or passwords are changed after account creation it is necessary to keep a record of the changes made as the original list would not be valid and it is not possible to reproduce with the edited details.

Sometimes the simplest solution is to reset the passwords that are not known using the ‘Change Password’ link provided next to the students on the ‘Students’ tab on your dashboard.

Alternatively, we are able to reset the password in bulk for every student in your account but only to one common password, this can then be changed after login. If you would like us to do this please contact our Customer Care team through the 'Help' tab at the bottom right of your dashboard or by emailing 
customercare@glogster.com. We will be glad to hear from you!. Please note that this feature is only available to paid license users.

 * Please note that for accounts (Faculty/School) with the newly designed dashboard students’ passwords can also be reset in bulk using the ‘Mass Action’ button and the ‘Change Password’ option. This will change a full page (30) students' passwords at a time.*