The simplest way to view students’ work is to use the Class and Project features so that the glogs will appear all in one place on the Project and Class pages for viewing and grading. For your students’ glogs to be visible please ensure that they are saved as ‘Finished’ not 'Unfinished'.

Guide to set up a class and assign students to it

Guide to setting up a project and assigning it to a class

If the students have already created their glogs outside a project you can view their glogs by clicking on their name on your ‘students’ tab and then on the glog you wish to view. Another access route is to use the provided ‘Access students' account’ link. Be sure to return to your own account using the orange button at top right 'Return to previous account' before attempting to access another student’s account though.

Your students can also share their glogs with you by following these Glog sharing instructions