You can delete your old students’ accounts using the ‘Delete’ option next to each student on the ‘Students’ tab on your account dashboard. Please note that the deleted nicknames cannot be reused for future accounts. There is also a check-box which can be selected during the deletion process to copy all of the student's glogs to your account. If you do not want to save the student's glogs please uncheck this box, the glogs will then be deleted along with the account.

If you want ALL of your old student accounts deleted please contact us through the 'Help' tab at the bottom right of your dashboard and we will mass delete all students. In this case the students' glogs will not be copied to your account.

It should also be noted that to enable any student account management at all, including deletion, the students must be set to active.

 * Please note that for accounts (Faculty/School) with the newly designed dashboard students can be deleted in bulk using the ‘Mass Action’ button and the ‘Delete’ option. This will delete all 'selected' students on a page but not all in the whole account. *