There are some standard checks that we recommend that resolve the majority of issues that are seen with site usage:

  • Firstly, ensure that the browser and flash versions that you are using are up to date.* Google Chrome has integrated flash but if you are using a different browser you can check that your flash player version is up to date,  as new versions are released fairly regularly.

*Please note that these checks are good practice not just so that web pages function correctly but for security reasons also.

  • If you are in an educational establishment it is possible that you are affected by your network firewall settings. Please refer to this information regarding firewall information for Glogster, and pass to your Network Administrator as required.

  • Some issues can be resolved by clearing your browser history/cookies/cache, checking that the browser version is up to date or trying a different browser to establish if that is the cause of the issue.

  • If the problem is with glog display, you can also check your local flash storage settings > Right click over a glog and then on 'Settings', then on the small folder icon, there is a slider to permit the amount of data that (one of our servers) can store on your machine to assist with glog display. Please increase the amount permitted to 10mb or unlimited.

  • If you are finding that your glogs and content are loading slowly please consider lowering the glog rendering(display) quality > Right click over a glog when opened to full view and change the quality to medium or low.

If these steps do not resolve the problem please contact us through the 'Support' tab on the right of your account dashboard, or email us, with details of the issue.