The 'Make a Copy' feature enables you to copy any glog that has been saved with the status 'Public with Reglog' to your account. Once you have copied the glog to your account you can edit it as you wish. The source glog is not affected by any edits that you make to the new copy. 

Saving your glog with the status of 'Public with Reglog' is selected during the glog saving process:

Set the glog to 'Public with Reglog' > Copy the URL for the glog > Login to the account that you wish to copy the glog to > Paste the copied glog URL into the browser > Click the 'Make a copy' button. The glog will now be copied to the account.

To make a copy of a student's glog the overseeing teacher must first set the students glog status to 'Public with Reglog', as students cannot save their own glogs as public.

 To set a student's glog to 'Public with Reglog' click on the student's name or avatar on the 'Students' tab on your teacher dashboard. This will take you to the student's profile page. Next, click on the name of the glog that you wish to reglog to open to full view.

 Once the glog has opened to full view, beneath the glog on the left, you will find the 'Glog Admin' menu. The 'Glog Admin' menu provides the option to change the glog status to 'Public with Reglog'. You will see that other options are available in the menu also.