Glogster iPad App

Glogster iPad App [Official Video] from Glogster.

Enjoy Glogster on your iPad and start glogging on the go.

The iPad app is coming

What comes with the App

Glog Creation

Combine images, graphics, audio, video and text with a simple yet powerful Glog® canvas.

Web Picker

Simply drag and drop media from anywhere around the web using the inbuilt web browser.


Browse our categorized library, find inspiration and reusable educational resources.

  • Blogs

    Create Glogs Express ideas easier than before using the powerful Glog canvas allowing you to combine images, graphics, audio, video and text.

  • Blogs

    Discover GlogpediaOur categorized edu content is completely at your disposal. Browse more than 7,000 inspiring glogs and resources for learning and explore categories covering 9 disciplines and 80 topics from classrooms around the world.

  • Grab

    Experience Web Picker Grab all kinds of media from anywhere around the web using the inbuilt web browser and simply drag & drop them onto your canvas.

  • Blogs

    New Graphic Elements The app comes loaded with a set of 10,000 edu relevant graphic elements - all categorized by subject. Biology, history, science, chemistry, math, languages, you name it. They're all there! Find out more