If you are using the new HTML5 Glog Editor, please refer to the new article HERE.

You can of course use the inbuilt Google image search directly through the Glog Editor (it is on the left during glog edit after clicking on 'Images'):

To add images other than those available through the inbuilt Google search the following can help:

To add an image file or photo from your computer:

In glog edit mode > click on image > click on the upload arrow > locate the file on your machine > double click on it to upload. Once the file has uploaded to your gallery and processed you click on it and on 'Use it' to add it to your glog:

To add/link an image from an online source you can:

i) Capture the URL - after navigating to the image page itself right click over the image and select 'Copy image URL' to do this. You then click on image in the Glog gallery > click the cloud symbol and then paste the URL into the box that pops up using Ctrl V (Cmnd V on Mac) - this is the standard keyboard shortcut for paste. (Ctrl C to copy, Ctrl V to paste):

ii) Download the image to your machine by right clicking over the image and selecting the 'Save image as...' or 'save as...' option. You can then upload directly to your Glog gallery by clicking 'image' then the upload arrow > locate the file on your machine and double click to upload:

As an educator you can also set up a shared folder, for all of your students to share images that they've found and uploaded. Please refer to your IT administrator for help setting up a shared folder on your network, or try it on your own: Click here for information on a shared network.