This article shows how to add docs, etc., so that they display and are visible on the glog but they will not be available for download to others.

(For attachments (docs, etc.) added via the 'Data' button, which will appear as attachments via the paperclip icon at top right of the glog and are available for download see our other article: How do I add a document, data attachment to my glog? Such docs will not actually display on the glog directly).

Select the 'Embed' function (figure 1 below) then 'Add embed' and at the bottom select the type of content to embed (figure 2 below). You will need to obtain an embed code from your doc or content to embed it to your glog:

For Google Docs the following article is helpful: 

For MS Docs:

Go to File > Share, and then click Embed.

Click Generate.

For further help obtaining an embed code for Google and MS docs or other supported content please try a Google search or reach out to the support team for the relevant software provider.