Glogster's New HTML5 editor enables you to embed HTML5 compatible content to your Glog! 

Currently supported are Google (Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Forms, Maps), OneDrive (Word, Excel, PPT), Phet Interactive Simulations. More coming soon...

Example for Google docs: Obtain the embed code to publish your doc to the web by clicking on 'File' (on your Google Doc) > 'Publish to the web' > Select 'Embed' > 'Publish'. Copy the embed code and then go to Glog Edit for your glog > Click on 'Embed' > 'Add Embed' > Insert your embed code and press enter. The embedded content will then appear on your glog and can be viewed using the Glog Preview 'Play' button at the top right of the glog.

The following article has more great help on this topic for Google's products:

For help obtaining an embed code to share/embed/publish other content in your glog do a Google Search for help with your particular content type, or reach out to the support team for the content that you wish to embed.

Enjoy embedding content to your favorite glogs! :)