The new HTML5 Glog editor has now been rolled out to all Glogster accounts.

You may be aware that the previous editor was flash based. Flash is being phased out by providers of web browsers (Google with Chrome being one example). It became apparent over time that flash had inherent issues related to security and performance. HTML5 (the tech of the new editor) has various benefits moving forward including much faster rendering speeds.

If you still wish to use the old flash based editor, for a transitional period, you can toggle it on/off for your account by using this link: 

You can read more about the new editor's features here: 

Eventually all accounts will be permanently switched to the new editor as flash becomes increasingly obsolete.

The search feature in the editor is available via 'Add' > 'Web picker' - see the image below.

This 'How to' video may also be of interest for creating glogs with the new editor: Creating Glogs with the HTML5 Glog Editor.