We have discovered that in the latest version of Google Chrome there is a problem with the detection of the Flash plugin when Chrome settings are set to "ask for activation". The solution is provided below (see image also). 

**IMPORTANT** If you are not using Google Chrome please ensure that your web browser version is up to date and that flash is enabled in your browser by following all steps provided in the following article provided by Adobe: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html

Solution for users of Google Chrome:

- After selecting the template that you wish to use, on the left of the Chrome browser address bar click on the small padlock symbol. (This must be done on the actual blank page, the one where you expect the template to load).

- Lower down on the list you will find 'Flash' > click on the drop down menu and change the setting to 'Always allow on this site'.

-  Click elsewhere on the page to close the menu and reload the page using the blue 'Reload' button at the top of the screen. The template should now load correctly.



If you have any questions please reach out to our Support Team: support@glogster.com