Teachers, students and lovers of STEM subjects, have we got news for you! Not only do you have the chance to create new NASA Spinoff invention and share it in a glog, but if the folks at NASA like your creation, you could win an experience day at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center! Read on to discover what Spinoffs are, how to create your Spinoff Challenge glog, and how to really impress your space-expert judges!


What is a Spinoff?

A Spinoff is technology originally created by NASA for use in space, which has since been developed into a product that improves life here on earth. The memory foam in your mattress, the scratch-resistant glass in your spectacles, the filter that keeps your water clean, and the cochlear implants that restore hearing to the deaf are all examples of great Spinoff developments. Space technology is all around us, and the OPSPARC Spinoff Challenge is a great way to learn more about the very tangible examples of out-of-this-world technology that fill our everyday lives.

What is the OPSPARC Spinoff Challenge?

This challenge is your chance to research Spinoffs and current NASA technology, and to use the information you find to create something that will improve the world around you. Your mission is to use a combination of text, images and video to fill in the custom-designed OPSPARC template for your age group, and explain your own Spinoff innovation to the world, and to NASA! The winning glog will be selected by our judges based on a specific rubric, but the judges’ vote will be supported by a public vote – so make sure you share your glog with as many people as possible!

The challenge is divided into three categories for Elementary, Middle and High School learners, and can be completed by teams or as individuals. Consider it a ready-made project for your STEM learners to immerse themselves in!

How do I sign up?

Simply click here to accept your NASA mission and begin your OPSPARC glog adventure! We guarantee that you’ll come out of the experience with a new way of looking at the world around you, and the amazing technology that takes care of it!